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Normal Black Shoes

There’s an inside joke my husband and I share about these “normal black shoes.”

I work at a corporate office and sometimes I feel the need to wear simple black pumps to go with my suits and business clothes.  But when I walk into a shoe store, I say “oh look, there’s the normal black shoes…” as I point to them and pass right by, and I end up leaving with colorful designed shoes far from it.

When I do manage to buy black shoes, they are hardly simple pumps, but elaborately designed sandals or ones with red soles and sparkling heels….

As a result, I have not purchased normal black shoes for years now, and I often wear to work black shoes but with somewhat eye-catching design or other brightly colored shoes as an accent.  However, I have not heard any quibble from anyone about it, rather have been complemented at times.

Nowadays, when my husband sees me wearing my red or pink shoes, he says “I see, you’re wearing your ‘normal black shoes’ today.” as it appears the term “normal black shoes” has been redefined.

So do I really need those “normal black shoes” I wonder…?