Life Decisions

Where you have options about an important matter in life, on what basis do you make your choice?

In my case it seems often intuitive.

Based on my profession, one may think that I would logically organize relevant facts and seek the most advantageous option.  In fact for decisions relating to my job responsibilities at work, this is often the case.

For financial decisions like buying a house or a car, investment, loans, insurance, replacing the TV or tablet, I make a careful selection by analyzing available information and checking against intended use or purpose.

But when it comes to big life decisions about myself, I seem not to concern myself with the details so much as my senses.  Becoming a lawyer, moving to the Netherlands, getting Married, returning to Japan, changing jobs.

According to my husband, there is a basis built on my accumulated knowledge and cultivated experience that are perceived and processed instantaneously.  However, I usually cannot explain any reasoning or grounds myself.

Acting based on what I feel, trusting my instincts, has worked well for me until now.  It would have not been possible without my family to believe in me and support my decisions, for which I am ever so grateful.