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Life Inventory

There was an article in May 22, 2017 issue of Tokyo Shimbun.  It was written by a pre-retirement consultant and representative of “Kurashikaru,” Ms. Yoko Sakaoka.

The article encouraged one to create a self-chronology in preparation of one’s future, by organizing one’s footprints and coming face-to-face with one’s past, which may lead to finding new realization and opportunities.

I cut out the article and had been carrying it around in my work bag all this time.

At the time I was considering a career change and sorting my work experience to create a resume, and was intrigued by the idea of a self-chronology.

After over 4 and a half years, I read over the article again.  I sensed the time’s passing as it felt more real than when I first read it.

I will make a self-chronology next year.  In my heart I hold a resolution.